Workplace presentation

I'm working with Impact Teen Drivers to bring the Parent/Teen workshop curriculum to my place of employment, Alliance Data.  We'll be presenting on July 24th.  While teens send an astonishing amount of text messages, adults are just as guilty of texting while driving as teens are.  I used to be one of them.  

Our hope is that by sharing Sydnee's message, folks will understand that while you may have done it a hundred times before without incident, it only takes one time to have devastating consequences.  Many folks also have teens driving, so we want to make sure parents understand the Graduated Driver Licensing laws in Ohio, and how they are there to protect our children.

Because co-workers have kids in school districts throughout Central Ohio, my hope is that they'll take this message back to their schools and help create opportunities for us to get into more local schools to share this message directly with teens.