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Our goal is to have people share Sydnee's story so we can prevent another family from experiencing a similar tragedy.  Sydnee Williams was a young, vibrant girl who was full of life and had dreams of becoming a Cosmetologist, Wife, and Mother.  Sadly Sydnee's dreams all died with her on October 20th, 2013 after she lost control of her car while texting and driving.  Cell phones have become extremely addictive and many people use them while driving, putting their lives and those of others around them at risk.  Sydnee was not wearing her seat belt, causing her to be ejected from the vehicle and inflicting fatal head trauma.  Because she was an organ donor, Sydnee potentially saved and enhanced many lives.

We are asking everyone to commit to buckle up, leave your phone alone when driving, and consider organ donation.  Please also encourage others you love to do the same!  We feel Sydnee can continue to save lives and make a difference even though she is gone. 

Please Remember Sydnee.