1. Title Screen: Remember Sydnee
  2. Rotating still pictures from website with friends talking about Sydnee playing in the background  
  3. Fade to Joe talking about what they were doing before the accident (How He Loves Me acoustical) 
  4. Fade to Highway Patrol officer talking about how the accident occurred (include pictures of accident taken by officers)
  5. Fade to Nurse talking about what she saw when the accident occurred and what happened when she reached Sydnee and performed CPR
  6. Fade to Gaston talking about learning that Vicky was in a crash and what went through his head
  7. Fade to EMT talking about the differences in the injuries based on their seat belt
  8. Fade to either Bri or Lauren talking about what impact Sydnee's organ donation has on someone's life, discussing the benefit from both live saving and life enhancing donations
  9. Fade to Brock talking about how you may have done it a hundred time before and nothing ever happened, but it only takes one time, and in Sydnee's case it's a lesson she can't learn from.  Hold your family and friends accountable to always wear their seatbelt and never to text while driving, it's how you demonstrate how much you love them.